I started researching our family tree nearly 20 years ago and now have over 1030 people dating back to the 15th century on my wifes lineage.

Over the years in doing this I have found distant relations also doing their family trees and we have exchanged useful data with each other.

I have traced the Usher family back to Daniel Usher born it is believed, in Islington Middlesex (now London) in 1791

On my mothers side, the Coghill family can be traced back to James Coghill, born about 1811 in Wick, Caithness.

On my wife side we have traced the Cook family back to Richard Cooke born in 1632 in Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire.
His father is unknown however his Mother Elizabeth was born about 1609.

The ‘E’ appears to have been dropped by all 6 of Richard’s children!

On her mothers side, The Hollick family we have traced back to Joseph Hollick who’s birth is unknown however he had a son Joseph Hollick born 1833 in East Ham, Essex (now London).

There are many side shoots to our family tree and the list of surnames and be found by clicking this link.